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Used and Demo : Speakers Last Updated: Oct 15th, 2017 - 16:52:42

Wharfedale Diamond 220 Stand Mount Speakers
List $399 / Sale $250

We have here a one owner pair of speakers in excellent condition under 2 years old that have a gloss black painted front and a gray wood grain vinyl finish on the rest of the box. They are bi-wirable. The driver compliment includes a 5.25 inch woven carbon cone and 1 inch soft done tweeter. These speakers are not shielded for video placement.
The spec's:
86 dB sensitivity
56Hz to 20 KHz frequency range
8 ohm compatible (4.1 ohm minimum)
25 to 100 watt power handling

Includes box, manual and all originally supplied materials.

Consignment item, sorry no trades.

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Monitor Audio Gold GX50 Stand Mount Speakers
List $2,250 / Sale $1,100

This is a one owner pair of speakers about one year old in an incredible Ebony book-matched finish. The speaker uses a ribbon transducer with extension to 60 KHz and a 5.5 inch bass driver, all connected with Pureflow internal silver cabling. They are bi-wirable. The cabinet has sloped sides for reduced diffraction. This speaker presents a very nice sounding and looking package.
The spec's:
8 ohm nominal impedance
55Hz to 60 KHz frequency response
86dB sensitivity
100 Watt power handling (50 watts to 100 watts recommended)

Includes grills, box, manual and all other originally supplied materials.

Consignment item, sorry no trades.

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Audio Physic Virgo 25 Floorstanding Loudspeakers
List $15,000 / Sale $9,000

These are our special finish white floor samples and they are in very good condition. The mids and top end are beautifully blended, this 25th Anniversary model added SSC mounting to decouple the HHC II hyper holographic tweeter from the cabinet reducing the affect of resonances on the performance. The midrange is also a hyper holographic model so there is truly "no loss of fine detail". This speaker also offers great low end with a reported frequency response down to 30Hz from the two (per speaker) 7 inch woofers. They are approximately 8 years old.

Includes boxes and manual and all original accessories.

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Dynaudio Contour S 5.4 Loudspeakers
List $10,000 U.S. / Sale $6,250

These are our floor models and they are in excellent condition. They have the rosewood finish with the nicest book matched veneer we have ever seen. They are approximately 15 years old and have seen light average use.

This is a 3 way speaker that uses 2 x 8" woofers, 1 x 5.7 mid/woofer and 1 x 1.1" tweeter. This gives us a 30Hz to 27 KHz frequency range, virtually full range when in room.

All original accessories and boxes included.

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