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The Store Is Now Closed. - Jun 28, 2018

The Alternative Audio store is now closed. We thank you for your business over the years and wish all of our customers many happy listening years in the future.
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We have made further reductions on almost everything in the store as of the 17th. If you have been waiting for our lowest pricing, now is the time to visit. Time is running out, come and see us as soon as you can as it is first come, first served - no holds or reservations. We look forward to seeing you!

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Remaining Products for Sale - Mar 2, 2018

We have begun listing individual products for sale on Canuck Audio Mart. We will be gradually adding all remaining clearance products on CAM. You can still see all Brands and Models available on our Product Line page (see below).

Please see the Product Line page for a list of available products (manufacturers and models) that are left in the store for sale. We will keep this list updated as items sell.

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Closure of Alternative Audio - Jan 9, 2018

After nearly 28 years of serving the audiophile community in Southern Ontario, Alternative Audio is closing its doors. We are selling all assets so now is the time to make it to the store to purchase audio hardware and accessories at great prices. We will not advertise our clearance prices online or in print media. We will not respond to emails and telephone calls regarding what is left in stock and what pricing is available. We will be maintaining our Product Line web page so if a brand is shown as part of our Product Line, it means that we have at least one piece left to sell of that brand. Please visit the store in person to view the items available, discuss pricing, and make purchases. We will not ship any of our clearance stock unless that is the only means left to us. At this time, there is no date set for the final closure of the store. We will update this website when we know when that will be.

Please note that the closure of the storefront in Dundas, Ontario will affect Diamond Groove as well. However, Diamond Groove will continue to operate as usual via our website and will allow for appointments to pick up merchandise at the warehouse once the brick-and-mortar store closes, at least for the foreseeable future.

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Audioquest Perch Headphone Stand - Jun 17, 2017

AudioQuest is pleased to present Perch—a headphone stand ideal for safely storing and displaying NightHawk, NightOwl, and other headphones. With its heavy base of die-cast zinc, tall strong steel frame, and curved eco-leather headband support, Perch provides an attractive, structurally sound foundation for any headphone, regardless of earcup size, headband construction, or cable length.

Now on display, come in and check them out!

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Triangle Loudspeakers back again! - Jun 9, 2017

We are very pleased to let you know we are once again Triangle dealers. Currently we have three models on display and ready for audition.

From the Signature line we have the floorstanding Delta speakers (35 Hz - 20 kHz).

We also have the Esprit speakers from the EZ Series.

Come in and hear them today! That classic Triangle sound light airy highs but now with a slighter fuller bass dimension.

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VPI Prime Series Turntables - Jun 9, 2017

We now have a VPI Prime Scout and a beautiful VPI Prime in the walnut finish on the floor, set up and ready to listen to. Bring your favourite vinyl for a test spin anytime.

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Shunyata Research Venom V14 Power Cable - Jun 9, 2017

Now available for sale is the newest version of the entry level power cord from Shunyata. It is 14 gauge and has moulded connectors. The VENOM V14s are ideal for all source and media applications, These amazing power cords are fully shielded for noise-isolation, and provide exceptional performance and value. We are stocking the C13 termonated version, as a special order we can provide C5, C7 and C7P terminations.

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Audioquest Anti-Static Record Brush - Jun 9, 2017

Now stocking the newly re-designed version of the old audiophile standard carbon fiber brush with new conductive gold contacts. Update your brush today at a very reasonable cost!

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New Dynaudio Floor Models - Apr 29, 2017

We have two new pairs of speakers on the floor and ready for valuation. They are the entry level floorstanding Emit M30 and a floorstander from the Excite line - the Excite 38. The Excite is in the rosewood dark satin finish and it is very attractive. The Emits come in Satin black and white - ours are black.

Call in advance and we can set them up with the amplification of your choice.

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Antipodes Audio - Feb 25, 2017

We are pleased to welcome the line Antipodes Audio Products to our lineup. Antipodes designs and manufactures a growing line-up of media music servers and renderers in New Zealand. Their products include integrated rippers/servers/renderers, servers, and renderers. Server capabilities include those of Roon, SqueezeBox, MPD, Miniserver, MiniDNLA, BubbleUPnP, Sonos and Plex Media Server. Renderer capabilities include Roon, Squeezlite, MPD (DNLA), and HQ Player NAA. Their servers include standard hard drives and solid state drives, with capabilities ranging from 1TB to 12 TBB. The servers are capable of the addition of USB drives (including back-up) and networked storage. We currently have the Antipodes DS Base with 4TB of HDD storage space, a built in ripper, USB and S/Pdif digital outputs, as well as analogue RCA outputs (It has a built in DAC it can use). We are running Roon server on it. You need to see and listen to this wonderfully flexible musical device.

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PS Audio: UPDATE January 1, 2017 - Jan 1, 2017

We are now official dealers for PS Audio and have started out with the BHK Signature 250 Amplifier, the P-10 AC regenerator and the DirectStream Junior in the main room system.

Upstairs we have a Sprout Integrated amplifier with DAC, Phono and built in Bluetooth connectivity.

Come in for an audition anytime.

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VPI now available on Diamond Groove website - Oct 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Alternative Audio can now offer all VPI products for sale on our sister company site Diamond Groove and ship anywhere in Canada. Feel free to telephone us to discuss your VPI needs.

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SIMAUDIO MOON ACE - Oct 14, 2016

Now on the floor and ready for audition. This is the Swiss Army knife of hi-fi - a 50 Watt/channel amp, a DSD256 and 32/384 PCM DAC, a MM phono stage. a Mind Streamer with IPhone/iPad control and a 1/4 inch headphone jack, all in one very nice looking box. The display is OLED. The DAC section accepts up to 8 digital inputs. There is also a pass-through mode for home theatre integration.

Come in and see the latest from Simaudio - a Canadian company that offers 10 year warranties and a 2 year trade-up program.

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Rogue Audio is now here! - Sep 8, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Rogue Audio has joined our line-up of fine audio products. Hand built in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania USA. Rogue has an excellent line of Tube and Hybrid gear.

Currently on display in our store is the Sphinx v2 100 watt Hybrid amplifier and the Rogue Cronos Magnum II 100 watt integrated tube amplifier running KT 120 power tubes. Come in for a demo!

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Shunyata Alpha Analogue ETron Power Cable - Mar 18, 2016

We now have this cable on the floor. The Alpha line includes the Analogue, Digital and HC (high current)versions.
This is middle item in the braided line and should be an excellent choice for source and front end equipment, as well as smaller integrated and power amplifiers. These cables improves the noise floor dramatically with darkening, dulling or compressing the sound.

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Shunyata Sigma Analogue ETron Power Cable - Mar 18, 2016

We now have this cable on the floor. The Sigma line is the top of the Shunyata line and everyone is saying they have made another notable advancement in the art of power delivery. This cable has the ETron noise circuits built into the new CopperCONN connectors stopping noise before it migrates to the component or back into your power conditioner. These connectors are also newly designed and made from telluriuum copper with a thin protective coating.
As before cyrogenic treatment is part of the Shunyata process.

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Shunyata Venom USB Cable - Mar 18, 2016

We are now stocking this cable which is our go-to choice for a reasonably priced USB cable. Typical Shunyata quality in sound and presentation.

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SImaudio Moon 350P Stereo Preamplifier and 330A Stereo Amplifier - Feb 26, 2016

Now on the floor breaking-in and ready for demonstration in another week or so, this combo is Simaudio's cost effective intro to separates. The amp provide 120 watts with zero global feedback and can be bridged to provide 400 watts as a mono amp. The amp is DC coupled. There are both balanced and single ended inputs.
The preamp includes 2 balanced inputs, 5 sets of single ended inputs plus a front panel 1/8th jack. It operates on a pure Class A basis. a discrete 500 mW/channel headphone amplifier is built in. Remote is included.
Let us know when you are ready to evaluate and we will set it up in the most appropriate room with the rest of the system as you prefer. You won't be disappointed.

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Simaudio Moon Neo 230HAD Headphone Amplifier - Feb 26, 2016

Now on display and hooked up for demonstration. This unit is a high quality headphone amplifier derived from the 430HA. The DAC processes DSD64/128 and PCM 32 bit/384Hz and has 4 inputs: Toslink, 2 x S/Pdif on RCA's and asynchronous USB. There is one analogue input and both fixed and variable outputs all on RCA's. There is also an MP3 input on the front, along with the 1/4" headphone jack and the large volume knob. Includes remote.

Bring your cans and give it a try.

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Edwards Audio Turntables back on display - Jan 21, 2016

We are now demonstrating the Edwards Audio TT2 SE. come in for a listen!

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Symposium Classic Footer Damping Insert Kit - Aug 28, 2015

If you own a VPI Classic turntable then you need to hear the difference these inserts will make to the sound. We found the change obvious and beneficial in every way. Replaces standard rubber inserts with ones made from Symposium high density foam and other materials.

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Audioquest Nighthawk Headphones ready for demonstration - Aug 14, 2015

We have had this new headphone design working away for a while and they are now ready for you to give them a try. Lightweight, extremely comfortable fit and great sound. What else could you ask for - how about a very reasonable price!

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Audioquest Jitterbug now in stock - Aug 14, 2015

Try this low priced, high value USB filter and see how it transforms your computer audio.

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Neat Acoustics - Update - Jun 23, 2015

We are now official dealers for Neat and have started out with an incredible pair of Motive SX2 floorstanding speaker. The Momentum SX5i speakers have also arrived and are even more impressive with their iso-baric bass system.
The proof is in the listening and so far everyone has been very impressed with what they have heard.
Come and hear them for yourself.

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Aurender x100L Music Server and Player Now Playing - Jun 5, 2015

Come and try this new system we have installed in the main room. This model features up to 12 TB of internal storage (ours has 6). Uses SSD cached playback. Very quiet in most situations, very limited computer whirring noises that stop when cache is full and music starts.

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Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2 ready for demo - May 29, 2015

We have this well-reviewed USB DAC/Preamp/headphone amp available in the store to try now. Bring your own portable device and see how it can transform your portable digital experience.

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Audioquest cables now in the store - May 29, 2015

We now have a good mix of speaker cables and interconnects on the floor for you to listen to. Interconnects are terminated with XLR or RCA connectors. The speaker cables we have use two different types of banana's and one type of spade connectors. We also have the HL-5 silk wrapped linear crystal copper litz headshell wires in stock for sale.

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Atma-sphere UV-1 Tube Preamplifier - May 26, 2015

This is the new entry level preamp from Ralph Karsten at Atma-sphere. It is available as just a line stage or with a moving coil or moving magnet phono stage. The simple tube arrangement is 2 6SN7 tubes in the line section and two 12AT7 tubes in the phono section. Add two Jensen Transformers for extra moving coil gain. A nice way to get into tubes without any worries. All inputs and outputs are on RCA's.

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VPI Prime Turntable - May 23, 2015

VPI is handing down the reins to a new generation and this is the first new design to make it to market. The result is a small footprint turntable with room for the 10 inch 3-D printed tonearm. Includes VTA/SRA on the fly, a 20 pound platter/bearing, a stainless steel/delrin clamp and an outboard motor housing with nice stainless cover.
It is now in play in the main room with an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge installed. Bring your own vinyl and give it a listen.

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Custom Design Hi-Fi and AV Furniture Specialists - May 19, 2015

We have the two different speaker supports systems on display and available for audition. Nicely finished and solid support.

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Lyra SPT Stylus Performance Treatment - May 19, 2015

From the Lyra Website: Stylus Performance Treatment (SPT) is a purified water-based, non-alcohol stylus cleaner that helps keep cartridge styli scrupulously clean. In addition to highly purified water, SPT contains only very small amounts of organic chemical cleaning agents. SPT has proven to be completely safe to use with all phono cartridges (not only LYRA's).

A key component of SPT is the accompanying brush which has been designed with super-soft bristles.

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Allnic HPA-5000 Headphone Amplifier - May 18, 2015

Now in play and available for demos, this is a tube, output transformer-less, output capacitor-less design that sounds fantastic. Uses Mullard E180CC vintage tubes to achieve the designers goal. Includes two inputs for use with various sources. Bring your headphones in for a listen.

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Graham Slee Majestic DAC and Pre-amplifier - May 15, 2015

We now have on display and playing the newest DAC/Preamp from GSP Audio. Features include 3 coax S/PDIF inputs, 3 optical inputs plus USB and 1 Analogue input, balanced/single-ended volume-controlled stereo analogue outputs and fixed line-level stereo analogue outputs.
This is a low distortion low noise DAC using re-clocking on every digital input including USB. The GSP Audio Ultra Linear technology gives smooth, detailed and 'valve like' sound.

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London (Decca) Cartridges - May 9, 2015

The Super Gold extended line contact cartridge is now playing in the main room on the SME 10 turntable through the Alnic H3000 phono preamp and it is sounding very good. Bring your own vinyl and come in for a listen!

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Tonar Record Mats - Apr 21, 2015

Tonar has updated their mat offerings and we are stocking two types. We have the Cork and Rubber Mat and the Nostatic Mat II.

Reasonably priced, great performance.

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Legacy Audio - Mar 6, 2015

We are now official Legacy Audio dealers. Currently on display are the Focus SE in cherry, the Classic HD in black pearl and the fine stand mount Studio HD in walnut burl.

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KLAudio Ultrasonic Record Cleaner - Sep 23, 2014

Now in stock and on demonstration. This is the state of the art record cleaner - the "go to" cleaner for the ultra serious vinyl aficionado. Uses distilled water - no special fluid required! Come and check it out today.

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Alpha Design Labs X1 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC - Jul 26, 2014

We have a nice red unit in stock and ready for evaluation. Just bring your portable music player in and give it a try. Take your headphone listening to a whole new level by improving both the digital conversion and the quality of the amplification.

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Shunyata Z Tron Viper Power Cable - Jul 26, 2014

Now on the floor and in stock is the newest power cable from Shunyata and it is the least expensive cable in the
Z Tron series. Designed using their DTCD Analysis in an 11 gauge configuration makes it ideal for high current demand amplifiers while still providing the delicate nuances for reference grade source components.

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Shunyata Triton Power Distributor - Jul 25, 2014

We now have this top of the line model from Shunyata on the floor and available for demonstration. This is the best from our "go to" company for power products.

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VPI Phono Cables - Jul 25, 2014

We are now stocking this cable in the RCA to RCA configuration in 1.5 metre lengths. Other connections and lengths are available by special order.

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VTL Stereo 150 Amplifier - Jun 27, 2014

New on the floor is this mid-sized amp using 8 6550's for 150 watts of tetrode power or 70 watts of triode power. Come in for a listen.

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Devore Fidelity Orangutang 093 Loudspeakers - Apr 30, 2014

We now have the final member of the Devore family in the store for demonstration giving us the full current line of models. This is the floorstanding model similar to the 096, but slightly smaller in width and depth. The only change in performance is the slightly lower efficiency (93 vs. 96 dB) and the frequency bandwidth lower limit (30 vs. 25 Hz). Both speakers are 10 ohm impedance. Bring your favorite LP's or CD's for a listening experience.

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Symposium Segue and Segue ISO Platforms - Apr 30, 2014

We now have a floor sample of each of these new shelves which Symposium says provide a new reference for affordable, effective isolation and damping for high quality music and video systems. The ISO version adds a vertical suspension footer system to address footfalls and low bass feedback with turntables in mind. If you have always wanted Symposium or are just considering proper isolation for the first time, these new products at their new lower price level should make it easier. Come in and see them soon.

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DeVore Fidelity at Alternative Audio - Nov 1, 2013

Alternative Audio / Diamond Groove is pleased to announce we are now dealers for the DeVore Fidelity line of Loudspeakers. Beautifully finished, terrific sound, and an easy load for any amplifier, DeVore Fidelity is made in the USA.

We have to 96 dB efficient Orangutan 096 in the main room beautifully finished in Hand Polished Lace Walnut.

The Gibbon 3XL Bookshelf loudspeaker with matching stands is on display as well as the Gibbon 88 floorstanding loudspeaker.

As always bring your favourite CD's or LP's.

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Black Ravioli Isolation Pads - Mar 8, 2013

Now back in stock, the Black Ravioli's are one of our most favoured forms of isolation. They work well alone or in combination with other brands of footers. As of May we now have the Big Foot 1, 2 and 3 available as well as the original pads.

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Allnic Audio - Mar 1, 2013

We are now a dealer for this fine Korean brand which features transformer balanced tube electronics products. UPDATED MARCH 19, 2013 - We now have the H-1201 MM/MC phono stage, the T-2000 integrated amplifier, the H-1500II Plus phono stage and the H-5000 phono stage on display or burning in, please call to arrange a demonstration.

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Grandinote Audio Is Here! - Aug 15, 2012

Alternative Audio is very pleased to announce that we are the exclusive Ontario retailer for the high-end Italian electronics manufacturer Grandinote. All of us at Alternative Audio marvelled at the build and sound quality of these amazing amplifiers. On show right now in our reference room is the Shinai, a 37 watt, Class 'A' integrated amplifier. You will no doubt be reading and hearing about Grandinote a lot in the near future. Come by with your favourite music and see what 37 watts can do in our big reference room.

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Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Pressure Gauge - Jul 18, 2012

Just in, this is a beauty. Balance arm is very low achieving a record surface pressure measurement perfectly.
From the Ortofon website:
Digital stylus pressure gauge is a miniature ultra precision instrument that tunes your tonearm to the highest possible degree and helps you enjoy music to heart's content. The digital stylus pressure scale is a precision instrument with the tolerence of +/-0.1g. The scale is factory pre-calibrated.

Sensitivity: 0.1g
Operational weight range: 0.1g to 200g
Battery: 2 × CR 2032
Size:(L) 120mm × (W) 60mm × (H) 17mm
Weight: 70g

This item is reasonably priced and very nicely packaged with batteries and a small carrying case included.

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Kimber Kable - Update - Jul 10, 2012

We are now demonstrating Kimber products with PBJ, Hero and Silver Streak interconnects, Monocle XL, 12TC and 8VS Speaker cable and PK10 and PK14 Gold Power cables from the Kimber Kable line with Kimber Select items expected shortly. Bring in your favourite music and give them a listen.
We have now added the famous D-60 digital interconnect to two of our main display systems.
We also have the entry level Model 14 Power Cord in stock as well.

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Project Debut Carbon Turntable - Jun 8, 2012

This highly improved turntable is now playing in one of the upstairs rooms. For the small price change there are many significant updates:
• 8.6" one piece carbon fibre tonearm
• Increased platter size with more weight
• Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
• New sorbothane motor suspension
• Felt mat
• Ortofon 2M red
• 7 high-gloss colours at no extra charge
If you are just starting out, adding a second table or looking for more adjustability in an entry level table then bring your favourite LP and give it a try.

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Shunyata Tron Reference Series Cables - Jun 8, 2012

New on the floor for demonstration are the Cobra models of Speaker, Interconnect, Digital and Power cables, all in one system and now burning in. Shunyata has simplified the Reference Line down to just three models, Cobra, Python and Anaconda. We expect this has raised the bar for the entry Cobra and pushed the other two up a notch, as well. Give them a listen and find out for yourself. We also have the still current Black Mamba HC and regular for demonstration if you want to mix and match.

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Atoll Electronics - Jan 1, 2012

We are now carrying this fine line of all French made electronics. From entry level under $1,000 components through to state of the art tubed components.The company mission statement says it all: "to let the vastest amount of people possible discover the fascinating universe of Hi-Fi sound through exceptional product lines which combine musicality and sobriety."
That last point is up to you! Come in and listen today.

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Grado PS 500 Headphones - Nov 18, 2011

Brand New In The Store! Open pair available for demonstration.

Positive Feedback ISSUE 57 - Robert H. Levi

Grado releases the little brother of their state-of-the-art PS 1000 Headphones, using trickle-down technology to cut the price by two-thirds, while retaining much of the performance! Also made in America, the new PS 500s are Grado's second offering in their Professional Series line, designed both for the audiophile and recording engineer who value neutrality and high definition over all other design goals. They are an open air design, as are all high end Grado's, and are very light and comfortable. At an MSRP of $595, they are an extraordinary value, and fully appropriate for both reference and critical listening. In the category of musical neutrality for the picky audiophile and the demanding recording engineer, the PS 500s are unsurpassed at this price point.

Grado achieved this minor miracle by applying the lessons learned in constructing the wondrous PS 1000s. While still using mahogany to cover the motors, they added aluminum shells to double dampen the housing and kill vibrations. This sandwich design creates the most neutral performance under $600. The large diaphragms contain rare earth metals, including gold wire for maximum definition. The connecting cable is Grado's newest formula, with some fifteen wires enclosed in a proprietary shell. By being American made, they save big bucks from having to import phones from China and can, instead, bulk up on the technology. The PS 500s are available now as you read this review.

Compared to the Grado PS 1000

For one-third the price you will get two-thirds of the performance. This is my kind of math! Sure, the PS 1000s are the most detailed cans I know of, and are every bit as nuanced as the Stax Omega Electrostats. Plugged into my E.A.R. HP4 Tube Headphone Amplifier, the 1000s are all about detail, nuance, air, and realism to the max. Replace them with the PS 500s, and you hear a majority of all the goodness of the 1000s, without added spurious coloration or noise typical of other designs that are compromised to a price point.

Listening to Dialoghi (a new pressing from Germany) from Yarlung Records of Los Angeles, CD 78876, you will detect nary a lump or bump in the frequency fabric with the 500s, while the textures of the Steinway and cello ring most true. This CD is so good and the 500s so neutral that you will think you are hearing a master tape of the actual performance. Yes, you will hear the artists breathing and humming, the floor creaking, and the box of the cello vibrating all in concert with the music. I love the pop and jump of their big dynamic range. It's all there. You won't know there's better unless you have a pair of 1000s handy for a quick comparison.

The sense of neutrality and lack of any unnecessary coloration or artificial warmth with the 500s is every bit as convincing as the 1000s. You will not be disappointed when monitoring that you are missing something acoustic that may hurt the final production of the master. Audiophiles will love the truthfulness and tunefulness of these cans and feel, finally, that they have a truly 21st Century design that communicates the real thing, similar to current audiophile loudspeakers in the over $20,000 price range.

If I had to choose, I could easily live with the PS 500s for their added comfort and overall performance [and save $1000, too!]

With the Grado Headphone Amp

Unplugging the PS 500s from the Paravacini HP4, at $6000, and plugging it into the Grado Amp, at $350, was not a problem. I heard a warmer, thicker, less detailed performance with the Grado amp that was relaxing and beautiful. The Grado amp has tons of power and gorgeous tonality. It is super quiet, too. That said, it is not the HP4, and you will not hear all that the PS 500s offer through the Grado amp. The important thing is that you will hear every little flaw of any amp you may use with the PS 500s. They cover up nothing at all. They reveal everything.


I prefer cans that are circumnaural, surrounding the ears, not laying on them directly. The 1000s go over the ears, but not the 500s. If that would really bother you, then you'll need to think twice. These headphones require at least 100 hours run in before critical use… not a problem, but I thought I put that note here. It's genuinely hard to find anything wrong with these cans.

By the way, the 500s are low impedance and plug into anything over 600 ohms which is about everything.


Introduced to the market this September, Grado presents a pair of cans that are their newest and greatest sonic trump card to date: the PS 500. At a fraction of the price of the top of the Grado line, they retain a boatload of the benefits belonging to their expensive big brother. This is the ultimate in Grado trickle-down technology. The PS 500s are more neutral and linear than any headphone I know of under $1000, and will please the audiophile and recording enthusiast alike. They make the über-expensive Ultrasone Edition 8s sound rather lumpy!

When it comes to high definition, the 500s can only be criticized if you have the 1000s or Omega's handy. Otherwise, it is all there for you to hear. Combined with great clarity and neutrality, the result is just plain stunning. If you are searching for cans in this price range, listen to these. There is a prairie-wide selection of headphones out there at $595, but I do not know of one brand's offering anywhere near this price that performs like the Grado PS 500s. As an audiophile friend of mine said when he heard the 500s compared to a mountain of other cans, "these are great headphones." Yes, my friends, the PS 500s are great headphones, and most highly recommended if you want the best bang for your buck—and want Made in America, too!

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Clearaudio Concept Turntable - Jun 10, 2011

We just set this up and it was easy job, as this model comes virtually ready to play. Come on in, bring your own vinyl and hear one of the most popular tables in the Clearaudio line.

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Shunyata Talos Power Distribution - Jun 2, 2011

We have received our demonstrator model of this complete new design from Shunyata. This model replaces the Hydra 8. A whole new approach yielding further improvements on what may have been the best already! Now playing and ready for an audition.

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Fosgate Fozgometer Azimuth Range Meter - Oct 5, 2010

This is a must-have tool for the vinyl aficionados who insist on handling their own set-up. Confirms the output of each channel and allows adjustment to fine tune to a perfect match. Customers have said "I was only off slightly but when it is perfect, it is unbelievable".

Very reasonable cost, and made by a man who is a legend in the industry.

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Project Design Box SE Products - Oct 5, 2010

If space is at a premium and great sound is not negotiable, this gear could be just what the spouse ordered.

We are now demonstrating the CD Box SE, through the Pre Box Se into the Amp Box SE which is feeding the Speaker Box 5. Small size = BIG SOUND! Come in and hear them for yourself.

Head to our Product list and click on Project for the full details on this amazing gear.

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ASR Mini Basis Exclusive Phono Stage - Sep 29, 2010

This well known German perfectionist amplification gear has made its mark on us - beautiful, unforced sound as real as daylight. It extends to their phono stages as well.
Using their standard acrylic case, ASR uses a whose who in parts - Shottky Rectifier, Analogue Devices low noise IC's and Philbert Mantelschnitt transformers.

In this Exclusive version the IC is upgraded top the AD843SQ and they include an ASR Magic Power cord.

Gold RCA input and ouput.

Hooked up in the big room, come in and compare (bring your own vinyl for best results).

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Synergistic Research Teslaplex Wall Plugs - Sep 15, 2010

This is the plug that Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio uses in his Velocitor and we think it is one of the best.

From the Synergistic Research website:

The Synergistic Research TESLA Plex is our Quantum Tunneled duplex outlet. Quantum Tunneling is a process that changes the way a conductor works at the sub atomic level, impacting the entire TESLA Plex assembly. By applying a two million volt signal to each individual unit, at a specific pulse modulation and an ultra high frequency, for an exact duration of time, we transform the outlet at the molecular level. This process is also performed on all TESLA Series cables, from Accelerator to Apex. The “before and after” is startling, with a lower noise floor and improvements in inner detail, air, low frequency extension, and overall transparency.

In stock now.

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Audio Physic Tempo 25 - Sep 8, 2010

These speakers have been modified to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Audio Physic. When a company decides to do an anniversary version many questions arise.

Why the Tempo? This speaker has been available for longer than any of their others and has consistently been a sweet spot in the line.

Is the change just cosmetic? While we have a new 25 Emblem and the new finishes they started with this year, the change is much more related to sound quality. The tweeter is upgraded to the Hyper Holographic version, normally reserved for the Virgo and higher up the line.

Are they better than the standard version? Come and hear for yourself, we know what you will hear. We have them both ready to compare.

Is it more expensive? Just a small amount considering the change in sound quality, bearing in mind we said the Tempo was already the sweet spot in the line. We like them both very much.

Audio Physic - No loss of Fine Detail.

Come in for a demonstration.

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ASR Basis Emitter 1 Exclusive Version Blue with Battery Power Supply - Sep 7, 2010

This three box "Integrated" amplifier includes both fully managed battery power for the preamplifier section and power conditioning for the amplifier section. This is the "Ultimate" version of the Emitter 1 as it produces the highest power rating of 290 watts/channel through the increase of capacitance to an unbelievable 1,001,000 picofarads. Our floor sample also includes the WBT silver Nextgen RCA inputs. One balanced input. Finished in black faceplate and silver heatsinks. Includes Corian remote and Magic power cord.

Possibly the second best solid state sound on the planet (after all it has a big brother, the Emitter II Exclusive).

Ready for listen, you will not be disappointed!

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Pro-ject Audio Essential turntable with Unipivot Arm - Aug 25, 2010

Reduced to the basics for those on a budget, the Essential has exceptional sound quality, Innovation in technique, like a super-smooth running AC-motor that drives the resonance-free MDF platter and an uni-pivot tonearm carrying an Ortofon OM3E make the Essential an unbelievable musical performer. Also available as USB-Version with built-in phono-preamp!

Come in and listen today!

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Spin-Clean Record Washing System - Aug 10, 2010

Brand New to Alternative Audio, The Spin-Clean Record Washing System is an efficient and affordable choice for those of you who want a better process for cleaning your vinyl. The SPIN-CLEAN record washing system comes with enough washer fluid to clean over 700 records.

Come in and see for yourself!

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Dynaudio Focus 110A - self-powered speakers - Aug 6, 2010

The Focus line stands in the middle of the Dynaudio offerings and the "A" means Active.

By adding an amplifier to an already well rated medium size bookshelf speaker they are ready to take on the volume controlled DAC's and computer systems as required.

Both the soft dome tweeter and MSP Mid-Woofer have their own 50 watt amplifier. To adapt to the exact placement there is four position three band EQ, plus 3 choice level control and a three position adjustable high-pass filter.

Ready to demonstrate, come on in.

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VTL TL 6.5 Signature Phono Stage - Aug 2, 2010

This phono preamplifier has RCA and balanced ouputs and MM and MC inputs on RCA. It is available with an optional second moving coil stage with a step-up transformer.
Remote controllable Power, Input select, Mute, Phase reverse, Rumble cut, Mono, Gain and Cartridge Load.
Multiple adjustments for gain and load including user defined amounts. Low noise J-Fets drive the 12AU7 MC stage using Passive R.I.A.A. equilization, Zero loop feedback providing 68 dB maximum total gain. 12AT7's and 12 AX&'s are also used in the circuit so try tube rolling if that's pleasure.
The cabinet matches the TL-7.5 preamplifier in style.

We have two turntables ready to go with this for a demonstration, bring your vinyl (or use ours).

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Grado Labs RA-1 Reference Headphone Amplifier - Apr 1, 2009

We are demonstrating the plug-in version of this new headhone amplifier. Warm, smooth, full-bodied, non-fatiguing and rich sound. Hook it up to any line source (portable or in-home) and drive your  headphones to their full potential.

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Cardas Clear Cables - Apr 1, 2009

We have the newest and finest Cardas interconnects on the floor for demonstration in our reference system. This new product lives up to its name "Clear", as it is substantially more open and faster than any previous Cardas cable.  In fact it does not have the Cardas "house sound" at all!

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Walker Audio Now Available! - Oct 26, 2007

We are pleased to announce that we now carry Walker Audio Products. Their Prelude cleaning system (A TAS 2007 Editor's Choice Award Winner),including enzyme step, is by far the best cleaning system for records we've encountered. It's not a subtle difference, but a HUGE improvement to vinyl playback.

Chad has started to re-clean his entire record collection and will not play any vinyl on his system until its been cleaned with the Walker Audio Prelude System.

Of course that's just one of the many great Walker Audio products now available. We have the Talisman, Super Silver Treatment and the Ultra Vivid CD/DVD cleaning system.

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Gingko Audio is now available at Alternative Audio / Diamond Groove - May 16, 2007

Alternative Audio / Diamond Groove is pleased to announce we are now dealers for the Gingko Audio line of accessories. This includes the very well known turntable covers as well as the cloud platform isolation shelves.

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Black Ravioli Isolation Pads - Jan 1, 2004
Now back in stock, Black Ravioli is one of our most favoured methods of isolating components. Work well alone or in concert with other types of footers.
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