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What's New - Jul 18, 2012

Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Pressure Gauge
Just in, this is a beauty. Balance arm is very low achieving a record surface pressure measurement perfectly.
From the Ortofon website:
Digital stylus pressure gauge is a miniature ultra precision instrument that tunes your tonearm to the highest possible degree and helps you enjoy music to heart's content. The digital stylus pressure scale is a precision instrument with the tolerence of +/-0.1g. The scale is factory pre-calibrated.

Sensitivity: 0.1g
Operational weight range: 0.1g to 200g
Battery: 2 CR 2032
Size:(L) 120mm (W) 60mm (H) 17mm
Weight: 70g

This item is reasonably priced and very nicely packaged with batteries and a small carrying case included.

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