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What's New - Sep 15, 2010

Synergistic Research Teslaplex Wall Plugs
This is the plug that Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio uses in his Velocitor and we think it is one of the best.

From the Synergistic Research website:

The Synergistic Research TESLA Plex is our Quantum Tunneled duplex outlet. Quantum Tunneling is a process that changes the way a conductor works at the sub atomic level, impacting the entire TESLA Plex assembly. By applying a two million volt signal to each individual unit, at a specific pulse modulation and an ultra high frequency, for an exact duration of time, we transform the outlet at the molecular level. This process is also performed on all TESLA Series cables, from Accelerator to Apex. The “before and after” is startling, with a lower noise floor and improvements in inner detail, air, low frequency extension, and overall transparency.

In stock now.

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