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What's New - Sep 7, 2010

ASR Basis Emitter 1 Exclusive Version Blue with Battery Power Supply
This three box "Integrated" amplifier includes both fully managed battery power for the preamplifier section and power conditioning for the amplifier section. This is the "Ultimate" version of the Emitter 1 as it produces the highest power rating of 290 watts/channel through the increase of capacitance to an unbelievable 1,001,000 picofarads. Our floor sample also includes the WBT silver Nextgen RCA inputs. One balanced input. Finished in black faceplate and silver heatsinks. Includes Corian remote and Magic power cord.

Possibly the second best solid state sound on the planet (after all it has a big brother, the Emitter II Exclusive).

Ready for listen, you will not be disappointed!

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