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What's New - Sep 8, 2010

Audio Physic Tempo 25
These speakers have been modified to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Audio Physic. When a company decides to do an anniversary version many questions arise.

Why the Tempo? This speaker has been available for longer than any of their others and has consistently been a sweet spot in the line.

Is the change just cosmetic? While we have a new 25 Emblem and the new finishes they started with this year, the change is much more related to sound quality. The tweeter is upgraded to the Hyper Holographic version, normally reserved for the Virgo and higher up the line.

Are they better than the standard version? Come and hear for yourself, we know what you will hear. We have them both ready to compare.

Is it more expensive? Just a small amount considering the change in sound quality, bearing in mind we said the Tempo was already the sweet spot in the line. We like them both very much.

Audio Physic - No loss of Fine Detail.

Come in for a demonstration.

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