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What's New - Jan 9, 2018

Closure of Alternative Audio
After nearly 28 years of serving the audiophile community in Southern Ontario, Alternative Audio is closing its doors. We are selling all assets so now is the time to make it to the store to purchase audio hardware and accessories at great prices. We will not advertise our clearance prices online or in print media. We will not respond to emails and telephone calls regarding what is left in stock and what pricing is available. We will be maintaining our Product Line web page so if a brand is shown as part of our Product Line, it means that we have at least one piece left to sell of that brand. Please visit the store in person to view the items available, discuss pricing, and make purchases. We will not ship any of our clearance stock unless that is the only means left to us. At this time, there is no date set for the final closure of the store. We will update this website when we know when that will be.

Please note that the closure of the storefront in Dundas, Ontario will affect Diamond Groove as well. However, Diamond Groove will continue to operate as usual via our website and will allow for appointments to pick up merchandise at the warehouse once the brick-and-mortar store closes, at least for the foreseeable future.

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