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Components - Jun 17, 2017

Acoustic Signature WOW XL
We are selling our silver floor model which is in like new condition. The turntable includes the standard power supply (Upgrade available) and a silver TA-1000 tonearm with a captive OCC 1.5 metre cable terminated with RCA jacks. Also included is the Grip Mk. 3 record clamp.

This is a table which looks like a nice small package but it is very heavy and performs like many over-sized tables which depend on their mass.

This turntable and its similar models in the range have been reviewed and in many cases adopted by the reviewer as their ongoing reference.

At the price shown we will include three Audio Physic VCF II Vibration Control footers and a 5mm Funk Firm Achromat, both of which we felt had a very positive effect.

All set up with a cartridge (not included) and ready for demonstration, come in soon it won't last long.

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