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What's New - Feb 25, 2017

Antipodes Audio
We are pleased to welcome the line Antipodes Audio Products to our lineup. Antipodes designs and manufactures a growing line-up of media music servers and renderers in New Zealand. Their products include integrated rippers/servers/renderers, servers, and renderers. Server capabilities include those of Roon, SqueezeBox, MPD, Miniserver, MiniDNLA, BubbleUPnP, Sonos and Plex Media Server. Renderer capabilities include Roon, Squeezlite, MPD (DNLA), and HQ Player NAA. Their servers include standard hard drives and solid state drives, with capabilities ranging from 1TB to 12 TBB. The servers are capable of the addition of USB drives (including back-up) and networked storage. We currently have the Antipodes DS Base with 4TB of HDD storage space, a built in ripper, USB and S/Pdif digital outputs, as well as analogue RCA outputs (It has a built in DAC it can use). We are running Roon server on it. You need to see and listen to this wonderfully flexible musical device.

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