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What's New - Feb 26, 2016

SImaudio Moon 350P Stereo Preamplifier and 330A Stereo Amplifier
Now on the floor breaking-in and ready for demonstration in another week or so, this combo is Simaudio's cost effective intro to separates. The amp provide 120 watts with zero global feedback and can be bridged to provide 400 watts as a mono amp. The amp is DC coupled. There are both balanced and single ended inputs.
The preamp includes 2 balanced inputs, 5 sets of single ended inputs plus a front panel 1/8th jack. It operates on a pure Class A basis. a discrete 500 mW/channel headphone amplifier is built in. Remote is included.
Let us know when you are ready to evaluate and we will set it up in the most appropriate room with the rest of the system as you prefer. You won't be disappointed.

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